International Organisation for Physiotherapists in Pelvic and Women’s Health

Joining IOPPWH

IOPPWH advancing the profession of pelvic and women's health

Who can join IOPPWH?

The Organization’s membership comprises recognized pelvic and women’s health sub-sections or groups of the parent national physiotherapy organizations which are World Physiotherapy member organizations in good standing.


If you have a pelvic and women’s health group but are not in a World Physiotherapy member country, unfortunately you cannot join. The same applies for pelvic and women’s health groups within World Physiotherapy member countries if your parent national organization does not recognise your group.


If your national physiotherapy organization doesn’t have a pelvic and women’s health group but you are interested in forming one, please get in touch. You can join IOPPWH while you are forming the group.

Benefits of joining IOPPWH

  • Membership of a global network
  • Close collaboration with the World Physiotherapy to promote the specialty, including pelvic and women’s health programming and course provision at every WP Congress
  • Collaboration with other member countries – sharing information and resources
  • Access to physiotherapists worldwide with similar professional interests and goals
  • Input into developing IOPPWH to respond to the changing needs of its members
  • Biannual newsletter
  • Promotion of pelvic and women’s health internationally
  • Opportunities for executive and sub-committee representation
  • Liaison with international organizations such as WHO
  • Facilitation of assistance for countries with less developed pelvic and women’s health practice
  • Advice and assistance for countries wishing to develop a pelvic and women’s health sub-group
  • Development and updating of key documents related to pelvic and women’s health practice and education worldwide

How to apply for membership

Please download and complete the IOPPWH Membership application form below. The form needs to be endorsed by an officer of your country’s World Physiotherapy member organisation.

Membership application form

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